Vegetable Workshop — April 2

Cagliero’s Third Annual Vegetable Workshop will be on Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 1:00 pm.    This FREE event will be about the best varieties to grow in our area, fertilizing, companion planting, fighting bugs and other problems, and just general how-to.

Cagliero is located at 2700 West Devonshire Avenue, Hemet, CA 92545.

For more information, visit

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Quail Springs Farm Tour (Maricopa) — July 25

Quail Springs Permaculture open and farm tour is on Saturday, July 25th.   This is in Kern County which is about 195 miles NW of Hemet.  This event will be held at 35070 Highway 33, Maricopa, CA 93252.

For more information, visit

Saturday, July 25


Farm Tour & Lunch

All ages family-friendly event!

Visit Quail Springs Permaculture Farm, have a delicious lunch prepared in our earthen ovens, and learn about growing food in the high desert, tending a variety of wonderful food-giving animals, creating shelter, and stewarding agricultural lands and wilderness.

The day will include a tour of our gardens, animal systems, natural buildings, crafts display, and alternative technologies. The tour will be followed by a farm cooked lunch and the day will conclude with a question and answer session with our farm managers.

We’ll accept registrations through Thursday, July 22nd, if space remains in the event.  However, we recommend registering a week or more in advance as these events tend to fill up in advance!

$40/person, $70/couple. Youth ages 13-18 yrs, $10-30 sliding scale. Kids 12 and under free of charge.
Please inquire about group rates and financial assistance for this tour.

REGISTER FOR THE FARM TOUR ~ Click here for online registration

Contact with questions:   Danielle Brehmer, email or call 805-886-7239, or

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Gardening Workshops (Riverside) — 2nd Saturdays

WMWD Landscapes Southern California Style offers water conservation garden workshops on sustainable home gardening practices on second Saturdays from September through June at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  This FREE event is located on 450 East Alessandro Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92508 (near the corner of Alessandro and Mission Grove Parkway).

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Experts in Garden

A special event will come to WMWD Landscapes Southern California Style. A multitude of tables will be set up throughout the waterwise grounds. Each of these tables will have “experts” eager to share their knowledge about a particular garden subject. Soil issues, irrigation, water efficient landscaping, vegetable gardening, roses and California native plants are among the many interests offered at the event.

A special area will be dedicated to “Removing Your Lawn”. This event is for the novice as well as experienced gardeners.

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Coneybeare Cleantech Leaders Conference (Irvine) — May 14

An innovative technologies conference will be held on Thursday, May 14, 2015 from 9 am – 5 pm with a happy hour from 5 pm – 7  pm.  This event will be located at Eureka Building, 1621 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606.

For more information, visit

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Varmint Abatement (Riverside) — May 9

Susan Sims of Sims Tree Learning Center will be discussing ways to banish destructive critters on Saturday, May 9, 2015 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.  This FREE lecture will be at the Western Municipal Water District at 450 East Alessandro Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92508.  This is located at the corner of Alessandro and Mission Grove Parkway.

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Gophers and Squirrels and Moles…Oh My!!!!

As much as gardeners encourage wildlife visitors to their yards, certain animals can cause severe damage to plants and crops. Bulbs planted in the morning can disappear overnight. Just ripening tomatoes never get the chance to turn fully red. Stubs of green are all that’s left of young seedlings and shoots. Susan Sims of the Sims Tree Learning Center has dedicated her life to plants, trees and wildlife. She has many suggestions to rid your garden of intrusive, destructive and invasive varmints. Please join us for this workshop on these troublesome opportunists.

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Master Gardener Training (Riverside) — May 21

To be considered for the Master Gardener Training you must attend an information session.   The next information session is on May 21, 2015 at 6:30pm to 8pm at the Western Municipal Water District, 14205 Meridian Parkway, Riverside, CA 92518.

For more information or to RSVP, contact 951-683-6491 x230 or

The following is from

How does someone become a Riverside County Master Gardener?

You must be a resident of Riverside County, California.

New Master Gardeners in Training are chosen from a pool of applicants for each Master Gardener Trainee year.

The Master Gardeners in Training attend 50+ hours of classes consisting of lectures and demonstrations conducted by experts in their fields.

Master Gardeners in Training must complete at least 50 hours of volunteer service to the community. To retain their certification Master Gardeners must complete at least 25 hours of volunteer service to the community and participate in at least 12 hours of continuing education each year.

Who are Master Gardener candidates?

Master Gardener candidates are all ages and come from all walks of life. They:

  • Have a basic knowledge of landscape and food gardening
  • Have an interest in increasing their horticultural knowledge and skills
  • Have a desire to volunteer in their community to share what they have learned and teach gardening skills
  • Live in Riverside County, California

What do Master Gardeners do?

Master Gardeners are trained to help residents of Riverside County become better gardeners. Using a variety of activities such as workshops, lectures, and a garden hotline, these volunteers answer questions about home horticulture, sustainable landscaping, and integrated pest management using University of California research-based information.

After their training Master Gardeners are qualified to help the public with problems in areas such as:

  • Weed control
  • Plant problem diagnosis
  • Integrated Pest Management (insect and pest control)
  • Soils, fertilizers and irrigation
  • Selecting and caring for fruit and landscape trees
  • Growing annuals, perennials and food crops
  • Lawn care
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Plant pathology
  • Soils and composting

Master Gardeners work in their community by volunteering for activities and projects such as:

  • Designing, planting and maintaining demonstration gardens
  • Using mass media to disseminate gardening information
  • Teaching workshops, or lecturing on gardening practices
  • Participating in research activities with academics within UC
  • Answering gardeners’ questions via email or helpline
  • Speaking to the public on horticultural/gardening topics
  • Manning county fair information booths
  • Consulting with gardeners with the goal of improving their landscape practices
  • Educating and guiding parents and teachers in gardening practices in support of school gardens
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Turf Terminators Lawn Replacement

Turf Terminators offer FREE lawn replacement via California Water Rebates program.  Turf Terminators says an average resident can save about $2200 per year.

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California Water Rebates

Turf Terminators’ customers reap the benefits of generous financial incentives designed to mitigate California’s severe water shortage. As part of a statewide effort to conserve water, numerous municipalities and water utilities in California offer water rebates to customers who replace turf grass (which covers most yards and campuses) with designated mulch, plants, rocks, shrubs and other ground cover that require little to no water to maintain. Turf grass has notoriously high water and labor requirements to preserve its lush, green appearance.

The California Water Authorities

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MET) is a consortium of 26 municipalities and water districts. It provides water to 18 million Californians. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) is a member of the MET and one of the largest municipal utilities in the entire United States, serving million of Californians in the Los Angeles area. Both water authorities offer water rebates to residents and businesses that perform designated landscaping changes in an effort to conserve water.

Turf Terminators Handles All Steps Necessary to Obtain Water Rebates

Obtaining California water rebates requires strict adherence to program guidelines during landscaping execution. Turf Terminators secures rebates for landscaping changes it performs for customers in the MET’s coverage area. Turf Terminators performs all the work necessary to obtain rebates on behalf of its customers, and those rebates cover the cost of its landscaping services. Thus, customers are able to landscape their lawn or campus without paying a dime.

Why Turf Terminators’ Services are the Right Choice

State rebates are offered directly to individuals and businesses. Individual customers may choose to hire their own landscapers, apply for California water rebates individually and use those rebates to offset the cost of their landscaping services, without ever engaging Turf Terminators. However, without Turf Terminators’ services, the rebates provided on a square foot basis will likely not cover the cost of your landscaping project. The MET estimates that homeowners have to spend $8 for every square foot of turf grass they replace with drought-tolerant landscape. This is due to the high cost of design, demolition, soil prep, plants, mulch, and potential issues with irrigation systems. Most water rebates run from $0.50-$3.00 per square foot.

Turf Terminators’ scaled landscaping operations allow it to provide landscaping services at a low cost and realize profits even without charging its customers. Turf Terminators has close relationships with local nurseries and suppliers that allow it to obtain materials at wholesale prices. Its economies of scale allow it to provide landscaping services at a cost low enough to profit from government rebates. Turf Terminators performs an on-site consultation and, after you have chosen your landscape style, ensures that your project will fit water rebate program parameters, saving you time and effort.

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Ladybug Weekend (Temecula) — April 25-26

Receive FREE ladybugs with purchase at participating Armstrong Garden Centers in Southern California this weekend.    Our nearest Armstrong is located at 27401 Ynez Road, Temecula, CA 92591.   Store hours are 8am – 7pm daily.

For more information, visit

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Paint Drop-Off Event — March 28

This FREE event is on Saturday, March 28, 2015 from 9am – 1pm at City of Hemet Corporation Yard, 3777 Industrial Avenue, Hemet, CA 92545.

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Rain or shine, we’re holding a special paint drop-off event for Hemet and the surrounding area. You may bring most types of paint, stain and varnish. Businesses that generate less than 220 pounds (about 20-30 gallons) of hazardous waste per month may bring any amount of latex or oil-based paint. Businesses that generate more than 220 pounds of hazardous waste per month may bring any amount of latex paint, but they cannot bring oil-based paint to this event.

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GrowRIVERSIDE Conference — June 11-13

For more information, visit

A stellar roster of local and urban agriculture experts is slated to impart insight and ingenuity at the 2nd Annual GrowRIVERSIDE Conference: The Future of Local Food scheduled for June 11-13 at The Riverside Convention Center in Riverside, CA.

The conference will dive deeply into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to develop and strengthen a city’s urban agriculture and local food infrastructure. Experts in farming small plots, new business creation, local food marketplace development and community food access will come together to offer solutions on how Riverside can become a model for other cities to follow.

Select speakers scheduled to share their expertise will be:

Robert Egger, founder and president of The L.A. Kitchen;
Pierre Sleiman, CEO of Go Green Agriculture;
Robert Tse, State Broadband Coordinator for USDA CA Rural Development;
Rodney Taylor, director of nutrition services, RUSD
Krysia Zajonc, CEO and co-founder of Local Food Lab;
Mateo Aguilar, co-founder of Local Food Lab;
Bob Knight, founder of Inland Orange Conservancy and Old Grove Orange, Inc.
Jim Bergantz, sales engineer for Agra Tech, Inc.;
Erika Block, founder and CEO of Local Orbit;
Hop Hopkins, co-founder of PANTHER RIDGE FARM;
Rishi Kumar, operator of The Growing Home;
David Rosenstein, founder of EVOFarm; vice chairman of the Aquaponics Association;

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