Black Olives — January

My friends have done this and they are delicious.   Rather than type up their instructions, I looked this up.   The following is a recipe that a friend has been doing at least a decade before this blog post:

Home Cured Black Olives

There’s very little to curing black olives. They can be soaked in a salt water brine until ready to eat, then rinsed and seasoned as desired. Many olive growers will not start selling ripe black olives until December, but in much of California, trees are abundant and laden with unused fruit. Make sure to pick olives that are still firm to the touch.

3-5 lbs ripe black olives
sea salt
1 egg, washed well

Read the rest of the recipe and instructions here.

My friend doesn’t pick olives.  He lays a tarp under the olive tree and shakes a branch.   The olives that drop are what he uses for curing.   There are several streets lined with olive trees in Valle Vista just look for them in older neighborhoods.

My friend has lived in this valley his whole life.   Much of what I post about food preservation of locally gleaned foods comes from him.

A local who has dedicated considerable time to photographing the beauty in the Hemet-San Jacinto Valley is Cheryl Spelts.   You can view her lovely olive tree photographs here.

Additional Resources – “To try dry-salt-cure olives, use a pillow-case, for which you have made a drawstring top. Mix the olives with their own weight in non iodized table salt, pickling salt, or rock salt.  Pour them into the pillowcase and cover with more salt. Hang the pillow case in a place where the juice that will drop from it will not stain –  perhaps in a tree?  Stir them once a week for 4 weeks or until they have lost their bitterness.  When they are no longer terribly bitter, rinse in water and allow to dry overnight.  Then pack them in oil until you are ready to consume them.  (From “Lost Arts, A Cook’s guide to making vinegar, curing olives, crafting fresh goat cheese and simple mustards” by Lynn Alley, Ten Speed Press).”


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