Convert The Heat From A Boiling Pot of Water To Electricity

Converting the heat from a boiling pot of water to electricity is a neat idea, but their use of an open fire can waste a lot of fuel if not properly tended.   A rocket stove or solar cooker would heat water to boiling with little to no fuel.  I wonder how they made that $300 dollar cook pot.   Wasteful or not, I like this concept.  See the photo of this novel idea and the full article at Popular Science.

Additional Resources

The rocket stove steamer.  I have seen a better set up, but it was on a cob oven.   Anyway, this is to stretch your imagination.   Once you have mastered using a tin can rocket stove, you can move on to tweaking it out to make use of that free energy (heat) coming from fuel magazine and combustion chamber.    The cob oven had copper tubing wrapped around its combustion chamber.   It was set up to take water poured into the tube and let gravity move it past the hottest part of oven.  It comes out steaming hot within seconds.  As soon as I get some copper tubing, I am making one of those.

Here is a rocket stove with a Stirling engine attached to its fuel magazine.   I bet this is in response to the boiling water to electricity post.  It is so efficient at generating electricity while a meal could be cooking.    This is beyond my ability to build, but I dream big.  I am praying for an engineering mentor with super human patience to be available for my son.

Stirling engines are so amazing.   Check out the rave reviews they receive on the web.   Fortunately, a brilliant and generous man was kind enough to share FREE building plans.   He is a Maker.   Gosh, I appreciate Maker folk.   I will be getting a subscription to Make Magazine soon.   Makers make stuff.   They often make stuff from scavenged parts.    Yep, that’s my kinda people.   Here is their blog where I dream and drool (and have to visit the dictionary too often).

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