Calcium Supplement You Can Make

February is when I have an abundance of lemons and so I search the web for it’s many uses.    I found zesting them to be easy and fast.   I also learned there are many uses for lemon zest which I will save for a separate post.

When I found this make-your-own calcium supplement recipe, it cracked me up (pun intended).   It is easy and doesn’t taste nasty.  You can grind egg shells (calcium carbonate) into a fine powder and eat it, or you can leach the calcium from an egg by soaking it in lemon juice (citric acid).

(I have NOT tried this, but I am wondering if soaking it in apple cider vinegar (acetic acid) would render a quality calcium supplement.   I mention this since lemons are seasonal, and there are so many healthy reasons to be drinking apple cider vinegar.   Please comment if you have experience or a link on about this.)

So here are the instructions I like:

1.  Place three very clean and very fresh whole eggs that are still in their shell in a a clean jar.   An easy test of freshness for eggs is to gently set them in a glass of water.  Eggs that stay at the bottom are freshest.

A pint-sized, wide-mouth canning jar is just the right size.  If you use a different jar, use a wide-mouthed one or you risk having trouble removing the egg from the jar with it’s membrane intact.

2.  Cover the eggs with freshly squeezed lemon juice and place in the refrigerator.    The lemon acid will require a couple days to eat the calcium off the eggs.

3.  During this time gently agitate the lemon juice to help circulate it around the eggs.  The calcium is rendered when the bubbling has stopped (white foam is calcium chloride).   This will happen about 36-48 hours from the time the eggs are covered in juice.

4.  Gently remove the egg with it’s membrane intact and use anyway you want.  I think an omelet is easiest.

Drink one teaspoon a day of your homemade calcium supplement.  This recipe will render about 14 teaspoons.

Additional Information

The best article I read on this was “How to Make Calcium using Egg Shells” by Bee Wilder for Nourished Magazine.  I highly recommend you read this article as it goes into details that I don’t want to take the time to do.

Another excellent article is “Eggs Not a Likely Source of Salmonella” by Dr. Mercola

Also want to point out that testing egg shells in lemon juice or vinegar is a popular science fair project to illustrate chemistry.   Here are few:

Naked Eggs – A Different Twist by Steve Spangler

Easy Egg-ceptional Experiments


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