Dish Detergent Ice Packs

I found this clever ice pack DIY project on Wise Bread.   The article is about unusual uses for Original Dawn dish detergent.  What I like about this project is that having these in the freezer will help during a power outage and be a handy if I run out dish detergent.

The instructions are:

1.  Fill a sturdy freezer bag halfway with dish soap.

2.  Double bag it for leak protection.

3.  Cover with fabric (I use a clean sock) to protect the plastic.

4.  Keep in freezer.   It will freeze to a slushy consistency which makes is easier to wrap around sore joints or fit around foods in your lunch bag.

The instructions insisted that only original Dawn would work, but I found another tutorial insisting only green Palmolive dish detergent would work.   You can see pictures of it on Runner’s World community forum.

What I like about this ice pack solution is that it is not just reusable, but easily recycled when it wears out.  I will keep moving the detergent to a new bag or just clean with it.  No waste!

I made my ice pack with lemon yellow Ajax because that is what I had on hand.  It turned out slushy and pliable.

Additional Resources

Note to self:   I need to experiment with cooler bags with ice packs to increase their cold-retention.    Living in Hemet makes me think twice about shopping for cold foods in the summer.  If I am not going straight home afterward, it’s not convenient.

There’s a science lesson in these ice packs, but need to look up colligative properties and freezing point depression.


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