Zeer Pot Refrigerator

I am not planning on giving up my refrigerator, but want to plan camping meals around healthy foods that are the least perishable.   I think a Zeer Pot would be handy for the few items that must be kept chilled.   I know there are many foods that don’t need to be in my fridge.  I have gotten used to keeping them in there and forgot what is safe to leave out.

Eventually, I plan to load a days worth of food and drinks in a Zeer pot each day for a month in the summer to evaluate the savings.  I need to limit access to the regular refrigerator because I have an absent-minded boy who fans himself with door while scanning for food!   I wonder how much less electricity will be used if I limit the refrigerator from being opened more than dozen times a day?

So wondering what’s a Zeer Pot?   A Zeer Pot Fridge is an evaporation cooler made with two clay pots with wet sand sandwiched between them.  It is covered with a wet cloth.  It will work well in our valley because we have low humidity.   Here is a demonstration on how to make a Zeer with off-the-shelf items by MixCatCom.   His Zeer reached 50 degrees F in 80 degree F weather.   I think this is cool, really cool!

Practical action has instructions on how to build the Zeer Pot Fridge starting with making and firing the clay pots.

Zeer pot refrigeration (design) by Appropedia has more technical information on how it works.

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