50% Off All Cat Services — June 1-30

Please help the Ramona Humane Society by helping reduce over population.   This is discount is usually offered annually.    Please let all your animal-rescue friends know about this event so we can help keep our cat population in check.

The following is from http://ramonahumanesociety.org.:

As a Community, we must all work together

The Ramona Humane Society is dedicated to fostering the humane treatment of all animals. Our goal is to eliminate animal over-population by offering low-cost spay and neutering services, public outreach programs and promoting the adoption of pets to loving homes.

The Humane Society has found homes for 1043 animals in during the ASPCA Challenge & we’re proud!

Spay / Neuter Myths

MYTH: A female cat or dog must have at least one litter before she is spayed.
FACT: Your female cat or dog will not miss having a litter at all. The sooner she is spayed, the less likely she is to suffer from the stress of heat periods.

MYTH: Neutering a male cat or dog will make him fat or lazy.
FACT: Neutering a male pet makes him a better companion. He will be less likely to run off or fight with other males. Food, not surgery makes animals fat.

MYTH: The operation is painful to an animal, male or female.
FACT: The surgery is simple, painless, and performed under anesthesia. Most cats and dogs are back to normal the next day. Actually the operation can help prevent some health problems common to dogs and cats later on.

MYTH: One more litter won’t contribute very much to pet overpopulation.
FACT: Each litter matters. Don’t be blind to the consequences of delivering litters to shelters or to the open arms of neighborhood kids.

MYTH: The operation is too expensive.
FACT: Many low cost spay and neuter programs are available to everyone. Call your local shelter or veterinarian to get details.

Additional Resources

The Reality of Dog and Cat Overpopulation

Spay USA
Help us end pet overpopulation!

The Humane Society of United States


About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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