Earthquake Drill — October 18th

The following is from the Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill website:

The 2012 Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill is now less than 8 weeks from today (October 18th at 10:18 a.m.), and already more than 6.5 million people have been registered to participate!

If you are already registered for 2012, thank you! Millions of people will practice earthquake safety and get prepared this year…  because you, your organization, or your school is leading the way.

If you participated in the past but have not yet renewed your registration for 2012, please take a minute to log in today at Even if you or your organization has participated for several years, we encourage you to participate again. You may have new students, new employees, or other changes in your environment since last year. We encourage you or your organization to do something more this year: this could mean holding a more comprehensive earthquake drill, securing furniture and other objects to minimize injury and damage, or updating your emergency plans and supplies.

As a reminder, registered participants will:

  • Be counted in the largest earthquake drill ever!
  • Drop, Cover, and Hold On graphicBe included (at your option) on lists of who is participating in your area
  • Be an example that motivates others to participate and get prepared
  • Be updated with ShakeOut news and information about earthquakes and preparedness
  • Be provided a customized 2012 ShakeOut Certificate of Participation to download after the drill

“2012 ShakeOut Participant” stickers and more…

ShakeOut Shop logoSchools, community groups, and many other organizations may be interested in our popular 1″ round 2012 ShakeOut Participant stickers (similar to “I Voted” stickers), that are among the items available from the ShakeOut Shop such as t-shirts, buttons, drill leader kits, and more. This online store has been created for ShakeOut participants who are requesting items to commemorate their drills, spread preparedness messages, and encourage others to participate. In addition, your organization can become a ShakeOutShop Affiliate, and receive 10% of every purchase made by people who click a ShakeOut Shop link on your website.  This can be a great fundraiser for schools and other groups!

Key Questions to Consider

  • If you are planning a drill for many people, is it on your organization’s calendar?
  • What other emergency preparedness activities might your organization wish to include as part of this year’s drill? (See our drill manuals with instructions for additional drill ideas)
  • What preparedness actions can you also take prior to ShakeOut day?  Simple instructions for how to participate are available for a variety of ShakeOut participant categories, and include custom preparedness information.
  • How can you make the drill fun for your participants?  Examples include raffle tickets taped under desks, playing the ShakeOut Drill Broadcast during your drill, and distributing items available from the ShakeOut Shop, and much more. Stories of what participants have done in the past can be read at
  • Might your drill be open to the news media, who will be looking for venues to film for their coverage of the ShakeOut? If so, please email so we may promote your event to the media.

Who will ShakeOut with you? 

Join Us! For the 2012 Great California ShakeOutA great way to help your community, your employer, and others to prepare to survive and recover is to encourage them to register to participate in the Great California ShakeOut. Let them know that you are participating and ask them to join you by registering at Spread the word at family gatherings, community events, and work meetings, and online with email, facebook, or twitter. You can also place one of the ShakeOut web banners on your organization’s website, display posters in your office, distribute flyers, and use other materials available on the ShakeOut Resources page.

Thank you for your continued participation in this historic event and for your commitment to disaster preparedness!

About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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2 Responses to Earthquake Drill — October 18th

  1. tom says:

    prepping for what THEY know is coming, but aren’t quite telling.

    • Yes, Tom, I agree. know for sure it is coming. Those tectonic plates HAVE to move. It is just a matter of WHEN the shift will be enough for the “Big One” to happen.

      But, I also think the government HAS BEEN telling us it is coming. In the case of many of my mommy friends, the message is drowned out in the busy-ness of life and the constant distractions from our adorable little ones.

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