Medical Alternatives (Riverside) — September 15

A FREE medical alternatives class is available on Saturday 15th, 2012 in Riverside.

For more information and to sign up for the class, you will need to be a member of  Temecula/Murrieta Preppers at  Membership is FREE.

The following is a course description from the prepper event calendar:

This class differs from the previous medical classes in that you’ll get perspectives from two instructors with different medical backgrounds.

This class is for informational use only. Although we have medical backgrounds, we are NOT doctors and these procedures should not be used in place of current medical care.

We will cover how to calculate and use veterinary products in place of human treatments, and also touch on wild medicinal plants as well as plants you should add to your herb garden.

Demonstrations will include wound care and surgical prep.

In the hands on portion I will teach you how to suture a wound as well as explain when and when NOT to suture a laceration. The suturing I will teach in this class is the simple interrupted stitch which is the most common one that everyone has probably seen. Once you get the hang of it, it’s kinda fun! I recomend that after class you continue to practice your suturing at least twice a month so you don’t forget how. Use needle nose pliers and an upholstery needle for your practice! Save the sterile suture for your first aid kit!

Class fee of $5 not only covers a lot of valuable instruction, but each participant will take home a sterile package of suture, a handfull of sterile syringes and disposable scalpels for their own kits.

About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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