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Potter’s for Peace is an organization of volunteer potters that travel the world to impoverished areas to teach local potters how to make their own ceramic water filters with locally available clay.

They teach for FREE!  They also offer FREE directions on how to make their ceramic water filters at http://www.pottersforpeace.org.

These filters are special because they are a very affordable water filter that can remove 99% of the pathogens from the water.

These filters are made of clay, burn out material, and colloidal silver.  I plan to use organic used coffee grounds for my burn out material because that is the cleanest burning material I can gather for FREE.  Burn out material is mixed with clay then formed into a large water pot.  Once fired the burn-out material burns away.  This creates holey ceramic    The holes in the ceramic traps bacteria.  Painting a layer of colloidal silver, after the pot is fired, kills most viruses as they pass through the filter.

This a wonderful product with the potential to be a really fun DIY project.

To view their inspiring video that explains what they do and why, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfIX4tttrjM&context=C3161d62ADOEgsToPDskIgo6mzXxjYdnjXfTVtWVlt.

* * *

On You Tube, I have found videos that instruct on how render your own colloidal silver.   Since very little is needed.   Buying or rendering your own colloidal silver is not expensive.   I will update this post with actual cost when I make it.    By the instructions, I guess that a $10 store-bought bottle of colloidal silver would be needed for one large water filter.  The how-to videos say that rendering your own is much cheaper.   I read an interesting step-by-step article on how to render colloidal silver at http://www.wgpeters.com/pix/indexx.htm.

I already learned a lot about gathering my own clay because I wanted a ceramic rocket stove.   From what I understand the instructions appear to be the same for making the ceramic water filter and the refractory fire brick I want for a future rocket stove.

I will discuss clay in a separate post.

* * * DISCLAIMER * * *

They clearly state that their instructions are for potters who build the Potter’s For Peace apparatus to mass produce these in a factory.

Their instructions are not meant for folks like me that want to jury-rig my own clay form.   I am not a potter, but I read about the process extensively in order to understand their stern disclaimer and decided my mickey-mouse version could and should work.   I can test water purity to test my hypothesis so I don’t see the harm in experimenting.

I believe that mistakes are valuable teachers and the time spent on trying my way will further my understanding of the process.    And most importantly, I am a delight-driven homeschooler.    My son REALLY, REALLY WANTS TO PLAY WITH CLAY, so WE MUST!   This is what we cherish most about our homeschool freedom.  We love the FREEDOM to learn what we want to learn when we want to learn it.

I know a former homeschooling mom who is a professional potter here in Hemet.  She teaches pottery.   I say “former” because her child graduated from homeschool high school and is now enrolled in college.

I will email this post to her and other potters in Hemet to ask if they would be willing to offer a ceramic water filter making class.   I will post the class schedule once I have it.

If the apparatus that Potter’s for Peace insist is truly necessary, than I am hoping to encourage a local potter to make it, then offer pottery classes that feature access to it.    Potter’s for Peace gives complete how-to-build instructions, and they made sure to design it to use only parts that are readily available at hardware stores or easy to make.

* * *


I recently found this organization that helps with the water crisis in impoverished areas.    It is their work that inspired and reminded me to get this post up.  I am so happy to see a group of Hemetites reaching out to those in need.

I really want to help groups that reach out to others in need.    My goal to help by posting my research with the hope that it will help many people.    As much as I love science, I am not ready to clone myself so I will just have to focus on the biggest impact little old me can do.  I can help out by posting my research!

Go Flowmissions go!   I am so proud of you and your effort to help those that need help.    Compassion, not greed, is what our world needs a whole lot more of.   You can read more about this inspiring pastor and his mission at http://flowmissions.com.

P. O. Box 52
Hemet, CA 92546

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I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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2 Responses to Water Filter

  1. Filtru Apa says:

    very interesting, nice work

    • Thanks! It was sitting in my “draft” folder since last year. I forgot I wrote it until I heard about Flow Missions.

      Please let me know if you make it or if you know of people in or near Hemet that are making it. I would love to see local workshops available.

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