Preparing For A Power Outage

I don’t know what the most common reason for power outages are for our area.    I am guessing high winds.   I don’t know how often we have we have power outages.   I have only noticed a couple a year.

Dan and Denise Rojas of Green Power Science is my favorite resource for innovative solar solutions.   Dan demonstrates how to make things out of free or cheap items.  They are in Tampa, Florida.

In this video Dan discusses how to manage during a power outage.


  • – sand drifts – “During the week of October 21, 2007, Southern California experienced the wrath of devil winds in excess of 60 to 100 miles per hour with sustained winds in excess of 80 miles per hour. The hardest area hit by these winds appeared to be San Jacinto, Ca. Block after block looked like a war zone with downed trees, torn roofs, and sand drifts two to three feet high. I’m told that the sand drifts in certain places was as high as five feet. These winds also played a devilish part in fanning 17 different fires. The fires burned some 2000 homes and businesses.”
  • Amirah:  Wild Winds of the West – I think I should dedicate a post to the winds of this Hemet-San Jacinto Valley. The stories are strange enough. Roofs getting blown off actually happens about every other year (I am guessing). And then there are the sand drifts! The sand drifts are mainly a problem in the northwest corner of the valley. I live 7 miles east of this problem area and 3 miles west of the biggest trouble spot for annual fires. I have friends that were among those that were shoveling 5 foot sand drifts out of their yard. The sand also blew into their homes and took more than a year to remove all of it. The extreme weather is very brief and intermittent so most folks don’t realize what they are getting into when they buy an inexpensive home here.
  •  Wind tears roof off mobile home 16 December 2011 – “Samantha Acevedo said it sounded like a can opener was suddenly buzzing around on the top of her house, only much, much louder. Moments later, her roof was gone. High winds pounded the Valle Vista area on Friday, leading to plenty of damage just east of Hemet, including ripping the roof off Acevedo’s double-wide mobile home that she shares with her four children and two grandchildren. With one giant gust, her aluminum roof overlay was gone, eventually ending up in her front yard and leaving the seven household members scrambling to obtain a hotel from the Red Cross late Friday afternoon.  “It was like a can opener, but a billion times louder,” Acevedo said. “Now my house is a tourist spot. I don’t know how we will put the roof back on.” As she sat looking for answers to how her house became something out of Oz, Acevedo’s neighbors frantically worked to hammer in the roof underlay, which was beginning to peel off as well.”

About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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