FREE Internet Service

Did you know that you Juno offers 10 FREE hours of Internet service per month

I am posting this for friends who have not heard of this deal.    Over 10 years ago, I began using this service FREE OF CHARGE.  I had no problems with it other than a lot of ads.  When I wanted more than 10 hours of Internet, I purchased Juno dial-up service for $9.95 per month and had no problems with it.

After a few years I purchased the cheapest Juno DSL plan for $23 per month.  This is the DSL I am currently using.  Today this same plan costs me $25.90 per month.  I have not had a problem loading You Tube videos and other big files, nor have I had a problem with too many ads.

About a year ago, my Internet was down.  After I tried the recommended troubleshoots, I called Juno technical support.   Based on troubleshooting, I though it was a faulty power cord.   The very polite and patient tech support person came to the same conclusion.  The FREE replacement cord arrived by mail within a week.   Once I switched out the cords, my Internet connection has been fine ever since.

I highly recommend Juno Internet Service.   For more information, visit

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I do not recommend Juno email.  I recommend a Yahoo or Gmail email address since they are not connected to an Internet provider.   My Juno inbox is plagued with too many ads.    The value of having a Juno email account is when I was using the FREE service, I was allowed unlimited Internet access to check email.   Once I had unlimited Internet, Juno email wasn’t useful.

* * *

Low income families can now get broadband internet service for approximately $9.95 per month to help students to get online and improve student success. If your child is eligible to participate in free or low cost/reduced price lunch (which homeschool families are as well), you are eligible for this service. Although it is through Comcast, the company does have many subsidiaries throughout the US, which may be accessible for this wonderful resource.  To learn more, visit Internet Essentials at


About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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