Regenerative Leadership Institute (San Francisco) — February 16-24

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Hello friends,

Join an incredible regenerative leadership and permaculture design certification retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area, February 16-24th, and go beyond sustainability towards a wildly fulfilling life and a truly regenerative culture. We offer a no-nonsense, deeply pragmatic, mainstream approach to permaculture. No ideologies, only functional design and solutions that truly work.

Go beyond sustainability towards a truly regenerative culture. Imagine waking up each day with the knowledge that your whole life, including your career, is completely aligned with your deepest passions, desires, principles and values. The experiential permaculture design certification course is your path towards a career in regenerative permaculture design and a truly thriving life, deeply rooted in the patterns of nature and a larger vision of regenerative community and regenerative culture.

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: Thanks to a generous sponsor, we are able to offer
TWENTY (yes, we’ve just been able to add ten more!) scholarships which lower the tuition by almost seventy percent to just $1250 (regular tuition is $3000!). We’re able to make ONLY TWENTY need-based scholarships available — ten are left as of time of this e-mail.

Come get inspired by learning pragmatic permaculture design and regenerative leadership skills for your life, career, business, and community from the world’s leading sustainability experts; and earn your internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate. The skills offered in this course are applicable to every aspect of your life, far beyond the garden – you will learn to design nature-inspired, resilient,
regenerative systems – composting toilets, water-catchment system, natural green buildings, eco-villages and much more.

“This course was the BEST time I have had in the past 6 years” — Lana T

While many people think of permaculture as gardening, that’s a lot like thinking of math as being about building bridges. Permaculture is a sustainable design science rooted in observation of natural patterns. For example, the same branching pattern of a tree is present in every river, as well as in our own bodies — the pattern maximizes edge, increases diversity, and serves at least a dozen other functions. The very concepts of diversity increasing stability of natural living systems and edge
increasing diversity are core permaculture teachings.

San Francisco Bay Area – February 16-24
Use code SCHOLARSHIP to sign up online ($1250 tuition – regular rate is $3000)
Call 1-800-376-3775

Consistently ranked as the single most powerful and transformational experience of participants’ entire lives, the experiential intensive inspires real vision and personal regenerative leadership through practical solutions of natural pattern observation and biomimicry design for a truly regenerative culture.

Want to know why you should join the program? Check out just some of the
many testimonials from past participants (

“I really enjoyed the experience, I can feel my permaculture mind continuing to grow as things settle in from the course.” — Jaye M

“Thank you for the experience I had – it was wonderful. Best wishes and continued growth.” — Susan L

“My experience in the course was invaluable. I find myself with a new permaculture lens that I can put on at will, and see the world around me in a way that I feel leads to making more conscious decisions and living better in harmony with the earth.” – Deborah F.

Join an unforgettable program in leadership, permaculture and sustainable design with the world’smost renowned instructors and change your life, your community and your planet. Not only do Regenerative Leadership Institute courses offer the most complete curriculum of any similar program, but the people who come to the programs make this the most powerful training offered anywhere. Gain cutting-edge skills in nature-inspired sustainable design that’s applicable virtually anywhere design is used — from green businesses to your own back yard.

Use code SCHOLARSHIP to sign up online ($1250 tuition – regular rate is $3000)
Call 1-800-376-3775

The Regenerative Leadership Institute is the nation’s ecological design and sustainable living school; our instructors are key leaders in sustainable living and permaculture design.

We hope you will be able to join us for this incredible, life-changing
experiential course!

Regenerative Leadership Institute
The Nation’s Sustainable Living and Permaculture Design School
A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau
1-800-376-3775 //
14525 SW Millikan Way, Suite 17760, Beaverton, OR 97005

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