Edible Insects

Sorry to tell you this, but you are bringing home live bug eggs when you buy grains.  The insects that eat those grains are edible.  They are even considered a healthy source of protein.  If you prefer not to have them, the simplest solution is to put the grains in the freezer for at least three days to kill the eggs.   After that, allow moisture from condensation to dry completely before moving the food in containers.

I don’t have a Bay tree, but a friend here in Valle Vista does.  She uses Bay leaves for cooking and also for keeping bugs out of her pantry.  It is a pretty tree that would look great in landscaping.   My friend keeps Bay leaves in her pantry and dry food containers to repel bugs.

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Up until now, I haven’t tried to eat bugs intentionally, but I have found a lot of information on this both on the Internet and at our local library.   I read they provide quality protein without growth hormones.  Male body builders consume protein drinks made from bugs to increase their muscle mass.  They use bug protein because the added growth hormones in commercially farmed animals causes unwanted side effects in men.   Do your own research, if you want more details on that.  The following are random articles about consuming bugs:


I agree that eating bugs seems be gross, but I am interested in healthy foods.  So here I am writing a post about bugs.   I plan on trying meal worms and crickets.  I might even start raising them.  My purpose in trying them is to avoid unhealthy animal protein.   Farms animal meat would be healthy if the animals were allowed to graze in uncrowded fields.   Factory farms force animals to eat feed that is far from their natural diet.  Crowding animals allows disease to spread so fast that commercial farmers add antibiotics to the feed of all the animals whether they need it or not.   To increase profit the animals are feed growth hormones and the cheapest food.   The cheapest feed is genetically modified organisms such as grains and soybeans.    When an animal eats this and then I eat that animal, I am absorbing a concentration of antibiotics, pesticides, GMO-foods.   I think this sounds grosser than eating bugs I raise on organic, non-GMO grains, fruits and vegetables.    For information on free-range insects, view http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSBdA0B-rwk – Eat The Weeds: Episode 124: Acorn Grubs – EatTheWeeds – Dec 2, 2010.



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