Shooting Day (Lake Elsinore) — March 2

Let Logan know if you are interested in his class, he is working on the details.
He is not sure exactly how things will go, since everyone is having problems get ammo.

The following is from Logan Creighton

Shooting Day

Come on out for a day of shooting, games, learning and fun.  The purpose of this day will be to develop a closer bond between parent and child though firearms instruction, to increase ones skill at arms, and to foster a community of safe, accurate, and respectful shooters.  Interspersed with firearms instructions will be short lectures on spiritual matters to insure that every shooter grows in spiritual skills as well as physical abilities. The first half of the event will focus on safety instructions and firing drills, the second half will be fun and challenging targets.  Think “Top Shot” with a biblical twist.

Date:  March 2nd, 2013

Time:  9:00 am for weapons inspection set up and check in.  Registration closes at 9:45.  We will officially start at 10.

Location:  BLM land at the Crossing of Maywood club rd and Rocky Hills rd in Lake Elsinore.  There will be a dirt parking lot off to your left hand.

Driving directions: (From 215 – Get off at E 4th St/74 and head East.) (From 15 – Get off at 74/Central and head north west.)  Turn onto W Ellis Ave which Ts into the 74.  Stay on this road for several miles.  It will change its name several times but follow the road.  Turn left at Christmas Tree Lane.  There will be a dirt clearing off to the left with a few mailboxes and a big sign on the right.  The road is paved but small so make sure you do not miss it.  There has been lots of construction on this road so drive carefully and be aware that large trucks and construction workers might appear suddenly.  At the end of this road is where we will be meeting.  If you drive past, the road does a sharp curve to the right and you will see large satellite dishes.

Bring:  Weapon and ammo:  It is recommended that you bring a .22 rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition.  As shooters will be teamed up, you will only need one rifle for every two shooters.

Water:  Bring plenty of it.

Chairs:  We will be outside under awnings.  It is recommended that you bring your own chair or blanket.

Protection:  Eye and ear protection are require.  Also a brimmed hat is required to protect from hot brass.  Ear protection can be in the form of muffs or plugs.  Eye protection must be impact resistant and protect from the sides as well as from the front.  It is advised to wear long pants, long sleeve shirt and close toed shoes for protection from the elements as well as hot brass.

Cost:  Cost is $10 per team (a team is made up of two persons, one ideally being parent and the other the child).  This will cover for cost of targets and compensation to instructors and teachers.  If you would like to take part in this event please register with Logan Creighton

(951) 249 1311 or on facebook.

If there are others who want to come and watch they are more than welcome.  Keep in mind this is public land and there are many others aside from us who will be there shooting.  Parents are responsible for their own children.

Lunch: Please bring your own lunch.   If we have enough interest we can provide an all you can eat hamburger meal for $5 a person.  If interested please note that when registering and I will keep you updated as to whether or not we will do it.”

Logan Creighton
Family Folk Dancing
(951) 249-1311


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I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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