The Urban Farming Guys

WOW!  I just found this awesome urban farming group.  Their mission is inspiring.  I hope you check them out.  Their solution for urban blight could work in our valley.    Our valley NEEDS this solution.

I really appreciate their instructive videos:

The following is from

Who are we?

We are the urban experiment…

We are the seed that died and went into the ground.  We have purposefully relocated our homes into one of the most blighted and dangerous zipcodes in the U.S. 64127, Lykins Neighborhood, Kansas City to put down our stake for the youth and the poor and for the next generation. What is going to happen to us … who knows? We are a band of pioneers.  We don’t claim this is good idea…. it is our lives.  It runs in our blood… to rebuild the ancient walls and cultivate the life of the inner-city, here in the land where the Police helicopter is the favorite bird, and neighborhood meetings hold stories of wild drama, where dropping crime stats are our touchdown cheer.  Just to see people walking their dogs around the block again is a sign of good things to come. Stay tuned for great adventure, life, tears, victories and grand defeats ahead!


The mission is to establish sustainable communities in the most difficult places on earth. The Urban Farming Guys is a non profit (501c3).

UFG is a band of pioneers, farmers, and fans.  We believe that entire communities can be transformed from the inside out… from bust and blight to thriving and sustainable places to raise the next generation. And it can be done without massive programs, without ribbons and bows, and without changing a single demographic. In order to become fully effective in living out this mission in hostile territories, and to align their hands with their hearts, UFG founders have invested their entire lives, and moved their homes into one of the most dangerous and blighted zip-codes in the U.S 64127, Lykins Neighborhood, as the first prototype sustainable community, starting from quite possibly the farthest thing from it. UFG works to empower indigenous groups and partner to build economic forces from the inside out, creating jobs, building resilient communities with affordable healthy food access, and to establishing alternative water and energy solutions that ultimately preserve life in many geographic situations. We are also working in extreme east India and have built an an off grid fish farm at an orphanage there and we will soon return to build a bio-gas system to provide cooking fuel and electricity. We are running hard to put the most innovative, accessible, low tech and reproducible solutions for self sustaining community into the hands of everyday people from the inner-cities to the Nations in a way that is caught and spread on a local level. We are beating a path for communities and villages to thrive in any economy. And we are raising up champions as we put these opportunities in the hands of our inner-city youth as we aim to intercept the path of the next generation. And lastly with your help, we are multiplying our efforts by putting videos, diagrams, principals, parts lists and full technologies into your hands in an open source effort to make this reproducible around the world. Help us equip the next generation to thrive.


Our Priorities include: Water Development, Agriculture Development, Economic Creation, Sustainable Technology & Alternate Energy Development, Open Source Documentation, & Community Engagement.


Our organization was built in a way that sustains and reproduces itself without relying on donations, but in order to make a global impact and multiply our efforts your donations are vital… literally for many! It CANNOT be done without you. Currently there are villages in 6 nations that are willing to match half the expense to get us over there to help them, and countless other requests for help that remain unfunded. We are creating our own economy that is bootstrapping itself, but your donation brings multiplication like water to a seed… Rather than being used up and thrown away, your gift keeps giving under our economy, every seed planted and every part built becomes the catalyst for a local economic force that will perpetuate itself and give back to the cause again and again. Recently someone donated a box truck to help take our produce to market, and create jobs that will perpetuate the mentor-ship of urban youth. Using re-purposed materials and our know how, and by teaching and inspiring the local people to replicate what we are doing with their local resources, we are getting maximum outputs with minimum inputs. Thank you for considering giving to the cause. Your gift could not come at a more catalytic time than right now.


About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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1 Response to The Urban Farming Guys

  1. Sheri says:

    That is quite a mission! It sure looks like they have some great ideas! How do I do some of that at my house? I like the low-tech low cost solutions.

    Thank you for sharing!

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