Erica Wisner author of The Art of Fire — November 11

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This week Erica Wisner, author of The Art of Fire, Rocket Mass Heater innovator and educator, will be joining us to answer our questions about fire and wood burning devices.

Erica is often on the forums answering questions, but this week she will do even more and there are up to four copies of her new book The Art of Fire up for grabs.

Erica will be popping into the forum over the next few days answering questions and joining in discussions.

From now through this Friday, any posts in this forum, ie the wood burning stoves forum, could be selected to win.

To win, you must use a name that follows our naming policy and you must have your email set up in Paul’s daily-ish email..

The winners will be notified by email and must respond within 24 hours.

You can visit Erica’s website here.

Posts in this thread won’t count, but please feel free to say hi to Erica and make her feel at home!

Make sure the discussions follows permies’ publishing standards


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