Turf removal rebates doubled

The following was posted on May 14, 2014 at http://www.pe.com/articles/water-694525-district-metropolitan.html:

The board of directors for Southern California’s main wholesaler doubled the rebate for homeowners who remove their grass to $2 per square foot.

At their meeting Tuesday in Los Angeles, Metropolitan Water District board members also voted to beef up other conservation incentives to counter the statewide drought. They include:

• Continued funding for rain barrels, at $75 each.

• Boost incentives for converting from potable-water irrigation systems to recycled-water hookups. The incentive was increased from two years of water savings up to five years of water savings.

• Maintain the program for high-efficiency toilet rebates, which was set to end June 30.

Grass removal could make the biggest dent in water shortages, since 60 percent of water in the region is used outdoors. Metropolitan staff said agencies with incentives over $1 per square foot have 50 percent more participation.

In February, Metropolitan’s board doubled its conservation rebate program to $40 million to cover an expected surge in demand. The incentives are available to agencies that contract with Metropolitan or their retailers, including Eastern Municipal Water District in Perris, Western Municipal Water District in Riverside, Rancho California Water District in Temecula and Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District in Lake Elsinore.

Information on rebates is available online at socalwatersmart.com.

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