Cow Pool at CTRRA — sign up now

Circle T Ranch Riding Academy is now offering sign ups for pastured raised beef.   This is your opportunity to support local business and support high quality beef.

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A cowpool refers to sharing beef, but we’re not talking just any beef. Together our cowpool program will raise sustainably and humanely raised beef from a source you can trust.

Our main objective is to connect neighbors together, as directly and as efficiently as possible, with the very best caretakers of land and livestock – family farmers and ranchers. Not only will you be buying higher quality beef than what is available in a grocery store, but you will be helping family farmers and ranchers stay on the land.

Cowpool Provides:

•             The highest quality, healthiest beef anywhere

•             The highest standards for humane treatment of animals

•             A living Income for farm and ranch families

•             Local jobs, economic benefits to local economies

•             A lighter carbon footprint – major reduction in feed and food-miles

•             A cost savings to you

So how does it work. A few times a year we invite new members to buy in on cattle. You could buy a whole cow or just a 1/4. We then raise the cattle on the grass of the Diamond Valley between Temecula Wine Country and Hemet. Each family pays a monthly fee for feed, kind of like a boarding payment, and when the time comes we harevest the cattle and deliver it to you, wrapped and ready to cook.

Pasture to plate protocol

Good management and humane treatment of our animals reduces stress and prevets disease, making it possible to eliminate sub-therapeutic antibiotics in the feeding program.

Herds are managed in an environmentally sustainable manner.

No growth promoting steroids or hormones are used in our feeding program, resulting in more tender and flavorful beef.

Our cattle are younger than commodity cattle, resulting in more tender beef with less connective tissue, eliminating the mechanical and chemical tenderization necessary with commodity beef.

Animals are slaughtered in a slow and safe manner.

Linking our ranches more directly with our customers minimizes the distance from pasture to plate.

All of our meat is source verified and labeled as “Born and Raised in the USA.”

We age our beef for two to three weeks to achieve optimal tenderness and flavor.


About Hemet Sunshine

I am a homeschooling mom living in Hemet, California. I am interested in building a better community for the ones I love.
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