Turf Terminators Lawn Replacement

Turf Terminators offer FREE lawn replacement via California Water Rebates program.  Turf Terminators says an average resident can save about $2200 per year.

The following is from http://turfterminators.com/how-turf-terminators-works/government-rebates:

California Water Rebates

Turf Terminators’ customers reap the benefits of generous financial incentives designed to mitigate California’s severe water shortage. As part of a statewide effort to conserve water, numerous municipalities and water utilities in California offer water rebates to customers who replace turf grass (which covers most yards and campuses) with designated mulch, plants, rocks, shrubs and other ground cover that require little to no water to maintain. Turf grass has notoriously high water and labor requirements to preserve its lush, green appearance.

The California Water Authorities

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MET) is a consortium of 26 municipalities and water districts. It provides water to 18 million Californians. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) is a member of the MET and one of the largest municipal utilities in the entire United States, serving million of Californians in the Los Angeles area. Both water authorities offer water rebates to residents and businesses that perform designated landscaping changes in an effort to conserve water.

Turf Terminators Handles All Steps Necessary to Obtain Water Rebates

Obtaining California water rebates requires strict adherence to program guidelines during landscaping execution. Turf Terminators secures rebates for landscaping changes it performs for customers in the MET’s coverage area. Turf Terminators performs all the work necessary to obtain rebates on behalf of its customers, and those rebates cover the cost of its landscaping services. Thus, customers are able to landscape their lawn or campus without paying a dime.

Why Turf Terminators’ Services are the Right Choice

State rebates are offered directly to individuals and businesses. Individual customers may choose to hire their own landscapers, apply for California water rebates individually and use those rebates to offset the cost of their landscaping services, without ever engaging Turf Terminators. However, without Turf Terminators’ services, the rebates provided on a square foot basis will likely not cover the cost of your landscaping project. The MET estimates that homeowners have to spend $8 for every square foot of turf grass they replace with drought-tolerant landscape. This is due to the high cost of design, demolition, soil prep, plants, mulch, and potential issues with irrigation systems. Most water rebates run from $0.50-$3.00 per square foot.

Turf Terminators’ scaled landscaping operations allow it to provide landscaping services at a low cost and realize profits even without charging its customers. Turf Terminators has close relationships with local nurseries and suppliers that allow it to obtain materials at wholesale prices. Its economies of scale allow it to provide landscaping services at a cost low enough to profit from government rebates. Turf Terminators performs an on-site consultation and, after you have chosen your landscape style, ensures that your project will fit water rebate program parameters, saving you time and effort.


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