My Meyer lemons are at their peak by the end of January.  They need to be juiced by the end of February.  Sometimes freeze lemon juice in ice cubes trays to battle the summer heat with lemonade.

I haven’t tried dehydrating lemons, but am inspired to try it.   There are so many uses for dried lemons that it would be a shame to waste my wonderful lemons.   Here are drying instructions from blogs I want to explore in more depth:

I have come across many articles listing uses for citrus, especially lemons.   Since I get an abundance each I am trying to MAKE myself use them.   I needed to start this post so I can start moving citrus article here.  I will update soon.   I’ve got way too many lemons and so do many of my friends.   I have been seeing bags of citrus at church gatherings for weeks.

I am big fan of plain water.  My husband prefers soda, but rarely has them because they are so unhealthy.   He likes juices and flavored waters.  Here are recipes we have been meaning to test out on him:  I have several friends that have tried these recipes and say they are delicious.


* * *


One of the unique health benefits of grapefruit that is unrelated to disease or sickness is its ability to stifle the appetite. Some studies show that just the smell of grapefruit can reduce the feeling of hunger.

Additionally, the high fiber content in grapefruit can help those eating it to feel fuller. Because they can help prevent people from overeating while also providing great health benefits, grapefruits are a common element of many weight loss plans.

Several other great health benefits have been attributed to grapefruit.

For example, consuming grapefruit juice before going to bed is said to promote healthy sleep and prevent insomnia. Additionally, the salicylic acid in grapefruit is sometimes used as an antiseptic for treating bacterial and fungal infections. Some say that eating grapefruit regularly also contributes to healthier and smoother skin, while others extract oil from grapefruit peels to be used for aromatherapy.

* * *


Seville oranges (sour oranges) were planted along Florida Avenue because they can handle life along a busy and hot sidewalk.   They are edible and everyone is welcome to have them for FREE, but they are sour and need be in the right recipe to be enjoyed.   You can read a recent article about them here.



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