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This is were I organize links related to my other reason for this blog’s existence.   In this section, I hope to bring awareness to groups and businesses that are promoting a healthy San Jacinto Valley.  I emphasize emergency prep groups because I believe responsible people should have knowledge of how to be self-reliant in order to care for themselves and their loved ones.

Fortunately, if no disaster were to befall us, the time and money spent on learning to adapt to a self-reliant lifestyle will pay off in lower food bills, more family time, and more peace of mind.   It is awesome to be in this state of mind.  I highly recommend it.

I grew up with a garden and remember times when we depended on that garden because my father was between jobs.  Being a child, I didn’t know how stressed my parents were about finances, all I knew was I was eating more produce and my dad had more time to play with me.   Later, they looked back at those times as the good old days.    I want to create this same kind buffer zone for my husband and child.






If you are just starting to prep, I think these resources are good starting points:





Did you know that the most important thing you can do to help our town is to pray?    Would you please pray for the health and well being of our community?  As well as make every effort to be a considerate neighbor, driver and shopper?

Please pray for the health and safety of our children, their parents and teachers.    Please pray for honest, strong and efficient local government, law enforcement, local businesses,  firefighters and their families…   Please pray for people in leadership to make honorable decisions that are in the BEST INTEREST OF OUR TOWN.

Please pray for those that feel hopeless.   You know these are tough times.   I am praying for all the above and for each member of our town to choose to be gentle in words and deeds even when nerves are frazzled.


* * *

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote
for the kind of world you want.”
~ Anne Lappe


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