This blog was launched on July 3, 2011.  It’s purpose is to be a handy reference library for projects that my son and I have done or want to do.  I share resources that encourage and equip my family to live resourcefully.  I am sharing my notes as a community service with the hope of meeting others that are also interested sustainable living and community improvement.

My son and I love to solve design problems, tinker, tweak and build.  Most of our building projects involve making useful items with unwanted materials.  This is how we can afford our obsessive need to create.  Math, science and engineering are a major part of our homeschool.  If you are homeschooling, please visit my other blog at http://hemetsonshine.wordpress.com.

Please consider each post to be under development.  Each is a thread of thought that I intend to expand upon as I learn more and have time to post about.   To read posts in chronological order, start here:  https://hemetsunshine.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/welcome-to-hemet-sunshine.

I hope this blog inspires you to become a radical refuse recycler, a fantastic food forager, and someone who actively works toward building up our community.  If you find this blog useful, then subscribe.   Subscribing encourages me to take the time to make my notes available for public viewing.


* * *

“I am thankful to all those said NO.  Because of them, I did it myself.”
~ Albert Einstein

* * *

“A mind that has been stretched will never return to its original dimension.”
~ Albert Einstein

* * *

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”
~ Thomas A. Edison

* * *

“If I had some duct tape, I could fix that.”
~ MacGyver


3 Responses to About

  1. How do I subscribe? I like the topics you have on here. We are in Temecula but go to church in Hemet so we are all over the place (although less now b/c of gas prices). Even though you are not really in “walking” distance, per se, I would like to be subscribed to learn and be a part of what you’ve got going on here.
    Thanks. Many blessings.

  2. Thank you. The FOLLOW button is on the top left side of this page. I am glad my weird collection of thoughts interests others. If a post you liked goes missing, just do a key word search for it. If I have trouble finding something on my blog, then I rename it or group with something that makes sense to me. My blogs are like a zillion post-it notes to help me remember stuff that I think is useful.

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you had any resources for a Dr of Naturopathic medicine, Chinese herb doctor or similar? I have a second inguinal hernia that I do not want to treat with surgery (already did that the first time around…boo). Just wondering since you seem to have a wealth of knowledge here on your blog.
    Thanks so much!

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