Poultry & Livestock Diagnostics

This tip was passed along to me by a friend who raises chickens, rabbits and goats for food:   “If you believe your chickens have are sick and in need a diagnosis, the San Bernardino Laboratory will diagnose them.   If you bring two birds in it is FREE.  If you bring three birds in it’s $120.00.”

The following is from http://www.cahfs.ucdavis.edu/services/lab_locations.cfm:

The San Bernardino laboratory provides diagnostic laboratory support for the livestock and poultry industries of southern California, and conducts serological tests required for programs of the Animal Health Branch. It is staffed and equipped to provide diagnostic support in pathology, bacteriology, mycology, milk quality, serology, and some aspects of virology and parasitology. It serves as a point of access for all services offered by the CAHFS.

The San Bernardino Laboratory accepts AVIAN, LIVESTOCK, and HORSE submissions: avian carcasses and biopsies, livestock and horse carcasses and biopsies, serology and bacterial cultures.

California Animal Health & Food Safety San Bernardino Branch Laboratory
CAHFS – 105 West Central Avenue, P.O. Box 5579
San Bernardino, CA 92408 2113
Dr. Hailu Kind (909) 383-4287 (909) 884-5980 (FAX)


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